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  • It is the mission of the Civilian Department to create fun, inclusive, and realistic roleplay scenarios for the community membership. Entailing a extension of a welcoming environment for new members and a coaching process so all individuals can appropriately expand a combined effort to exceed a greater circle of influence for exceptional roleplay.

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  • Welcome to the State of San Andreas Roleplay Community. We are a server that strives to create some unique scenes along with scenes that a lot of long-time roleplayers will know and love. Despite this somewhat daunting-looking structure, it’s not too complicated or restrictive. However, everything should be explained here. We hope you enjoy your time with us, and if you ever have questions, the community (both staff members and other players) is always happy to help and give advice. SOSA is a community that welcomes all kinds of players and we have worked hard to create a server where any FiveM players, old or new, can join and enjoy quality roleplay with an active community that accepts all. We're a realistic roleplay community but instead of having hundreds of rules that stop people from having fun, we have guidelines in place, just like any other roleplay server, to keep people from ruining the experience for others.

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